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li children’s hospital located in Lahore dealing in pharmacy operations. The Executives of the Ali children’s hospital and pharmacy are conscious about the expansion of the business and management of smooth business activities along with. Management is more concerned about the handling of the purchases, sales, inventory, User Manager, and expense.

Therefore, management has decided to use an integrated online Int-ERP system to simplify the operation of their business where they will be able to obtain accurate and effective reporting on future decisions in the long run.

The Innovage Intellects team is entitled to have a meeting with the Director of Ali children hospital Pharmacy Executive and discuss the requirements related to the online ERP System. After considering the needs of the client, we would be happy to introduce the business proposal of Innovage intellects Enterprise Resource Planning (INT-ERP), a complete product of Innovage Intellects. That meets the needs of the manufacturing and trading industry in terms of automated business processes from time immemorial.

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